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Adjust your takeaway to the drive

The first few feet of your takeaway sets up your overall swing and path. Whether you want to hit a straight ball flight, fade or draw, using just two tees can help you dial in the shot you want to hit.

Straight Shot:

Stick a tee in the ground a club length behind the ball, on the ball-target line. Add a second 12 inches or so inside it. If you want to hit a straight drive, set up square and sweep the club back between the two tees.

Fade Takeaway:

To move the ball left-to-right (right-handers), aim feet and hips open to your target but parallel to each other. This time, as you swing the club back, check it moves over the outside tee. This sets up an out-to-in attack path, which produces a fade.

Draw takeaway:

To create a right-to-left shape (right-handers), position feet and hips closed to your target but again parallel to each other. Now, sweep the club back so it skims the inner tee. This promotes the inside-to-out attack path that creates a draw.

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