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Being Thankful for Living in Southern California – Golf, Golf, and More Golf

It’s the time of year that we take a moment to be thankful of everything we have in life.  Well… let’s not forget to be thankful that we get to live where the sun is shining and golf, golf, everywhere!  Whether you grew up here, transplanted here, or got stationed here it’s a pretty great place to live if you love golf.

Golfing Southern California

Okay, that may sound materialistic but that’s okay.  While most of the country is layering up and quite possibly shoveling the snow from their driveways we are loading up our cars and heading to the golf course.

Here’s a quick list of all the SOCAL golfing reasons to be thankful:

1. Temperatures tend to hover above 70 degrees year round no matter what part of the region you live in – shorts and short sleeves, yes please!

Golf Southern California

2. We have approximately 500 golf courses to choose from.

3. Almost 270 days on average a year of sun in the forecast.

4. The big golf manufacturers make their home here.

5. In a 2 mile driving radius north, south, east, and west you can play every type of golf – desert, links style, lush, forest, mountain, and ocean view.

6. Speaking of… Southern California boasts some of the most picturesque golf in all of the country.

7. Both the LPGA and the PGA Tour make a handful of stops here.

8. Many professional golfers, professional athletes, and of course celebrities make their home here so you may just bump into them during a round.

Being Thankful for Living in Southern California

9. Southern California is a major tourist destination – people pay to come HERE to play golf and you get it year round.

10. SOCAL Golfer membership to help you get cheaper tee times! (Shameless plug – CLICK HERE)


What are you golf thankful for this year?

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