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Bushnell Neo Ghost Review – Distance Made Simple

Whether it’s to get your distance to the pin, front, or back of the green or simply to see how far you crushed your drive a rangefinder is a necessary golf tool that everyone should make a part of their daily golf equipment.  Choosing one among the various options can be a bit tricky because there are so many sizes and styles.  Most golfers are accustomed to seeing the traditional handheld devices and the watch styles so we’re taking a closer look at something a little different… the Bushnell Neo Ghost, a pocket-sized, simple, yet robust rangefinder.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Review

Product Details

  • Dimensions:  57mm x 57 mm x 16 mm
  • Display area:  35mm x 35mm
  • Battery life:  14 hours (recharge time is 4 hours)
  • Waterproof:  Yes
  • USGA Conforming:  Yes
  • Courses:  Preloaded with 33,000+ courses in more than 30 countries
  • Membership fees:  None
  • Warranty:  1 year from date of purchase
  • Colors: White, Black, Charcoal, and Green


Simple and small are key functions of the Neo Ghost.  Bushnell states that it is about the size of a saltine cracker and they’re right.  It fits in the palm of your hand and slips easily into your pocket without adding extra weight or bulk.  Keeping with the simple theme the Neo Ghost comes in four colors and today we had the chance to see the green option.  It’s a nice bright lime green with black trim.  Each button is small and black with a rubbery type of feel so you can easily grip without having to look down.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Review

Upon pulling the device out of the box and firing it up the screen is nice and bright.  The text size is large enough that you can easily read the course selection, hole, yardage and hazard indicators. There is a belt clip that comes with the rangefinder that’s a simple plastic.  The rangefinder clicks easily into place and pops out fairly easily as well but is strong enough so you won’t have the worry of it falling out mid-round and losing it.  I’m not the kind of golfer that would necessarily put this on my belt because it fits nicely in a pocket.  Also included is a charging cord which attaches to any USB slot.  You can slide that into your phone charger or computer.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Review


We headed up the road to the executive course nearby and turned on the Bushnell Neo Ghost.  You have to hold the button down for a moment to get the device to turn on and at onset it starts to look for the course in which you are at.  Before it could finish I hit the menu button to set the time and date so I could use it as a timekeeper since I don’t golf with a watch on.  I returned to course search and found where I was out really easy.  The Neo Ghost comes preloaded with over 33,000 courses so I didn’t have a worry it wouldn’t find my location.  Without another button pushed I walked to the first tee and it recognized where I was at immediately.  Throughout the round I tested the various functions it offers such as front, back, middle of green, hazards, and shot distance.

The device is as simple as it states.  Each shot I’d pull it out of my pocket to check the distance and slide right back in.  No extra buttons to push, scopes to look into, or targets to find.  I really enjoyed the shot distance option as well.  You simply set point A and after your drive you hit the button to set point B and there you have it.  I can see this coming in handy with a friend in mine who seems to think he hits the ball 350 yards (not so much pal)!

Bushnell Neo Ghost Review

It honestly couldn’t be anymore simple than the Bushnell Neo Ghost.  The battery lasts a good solid long while as well.  I was able to get in four rounds before I needed a charge and that was pushing it to the limit.  I also took a look at how to upload new courses as they become available and it’s equally simple.  You got to their and register your device.  You then connect your device with the USB cable to update.  Simple, no fees, no hassle.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Review


There are plenty of golfers who don’t want to wear a watch rangefinder or handheld, both of which Bushnell also offers.  The Neo Ghost is a perfect option for someone who wants a quick read and distance check especially since it fits into your pocket so easily.

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MSRP:  $220.00

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