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Bubba Watson hits a shot 1 yard high and 234 yards forward (Video)

In early April, a few weeks into the PGA Tour’s hiatus due to the coronavirus, Bubba Watson “stung the bucket.” A yellow bucket sat about a yard off the ground and about 20 yards in front of him at the outdoor driving range in Pensacola, Fla., that he part-owns, and Watson’s iron shot knocked it off a brown box.

A week later, Watson “stung the water bottle.” “Stunger the bucket. That was so easy, right?” he said. A water bottle sat about 2 yards off the ground and about 30 yards in front of him at the range, and Watson’s iron shot knocked it off a stand.

On Friday, during the second round of the BMW Championship, Watson stungered.

Watson had 269 yards to the green on his second shot on the par-5 15th hole at Olympia Fields Country Club just outside of Chicago. A tree branch sat about 10 yards off the ground and 30 yards in front of him, too, with a bunker below it. His iron shot went about a yard off the ground. And 234 yards in front of him.

“He’s got to keep it low underneath this one limb. No problem for Bubba,” an announcer on the PGA Tour Live broadcast said as Watson stood over the shot.

“Wow was that low,” the announcer said as the ball stung forward.

“I was going to say – low was not a problem with that one,” another announcer said.

“That almost didn’t clear that bunker,” a third announcer said.

The ball was in the air for about 3 seconds. It rolled for about 8 seconds. It finished 35 yards from the hole, and Watson would make par. He started the day four shots out of the lead.

The Olympia Fields firm fairways have stung players this week. Watson stung the fairways.

“Because there’s swirling winds and the greens are rock hard and the fairways are rock hard and you’ve got to play all bounces,” Kevin Kisner said after his round.

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