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Chaos erupts at Memphis mini-golf center (Video)

A group of teenagers was caught on camera wreaking havoc at a mini-golf center in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday.

Between 300 and 400 teenagers gathered at the Putt-Putt Fun Center, but a crowd that size violated coronavirus-related restrictions, wsmv, reported.

Putt-Putt Fun Center decided to close because of the overcrowding – but things went awry when employees said they wouldn’t issue refunds, wsmv said.

One video showed some teenagers, many of whom were not wearing masks, throwing papers, plastic dividers, and crowd-control stands over the cash register at employees on the other side.

Another video appeared to show a girl spitting at an employee.

“It was obvious very quickly the crowd that was here was not practicing social distancing and we realized the outside crowd was unsustainable,” said Golf and Games General Manager Aaron Bos.

“It was completely terrifying. We grabbed as many of the hourly employees we had behind the counter, a manager took them down in the basement, grabbed a golf club and kind of kept guard on the stairs.”

Source: WSMV.COM

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