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Did You Go See Tiger This Weekend?



All of the hype.  All of the press.  All of the crowds.  Tiger had his “triumphant” return to the PGA Tour this weekend and we were there.


I have to admit I was as excited as any eagerly hoping he’d be in contention but it was nice to see him just playing a round and being humbled.  He didn’t play great but he didn’t play awful.  We made it out to Torrey Pines on Sunday (after catching up from being away at the PGA Show in Orlando) and the crowds were massive.  It’s so great to see people coming out and supporting golf and we’re lucky enough to be right at the spot when he made his return.  We opted to avoid the larger crowds and while he was on 5 we made our way over to 9 (his back 9 played on the front).  We posted up green side and of course other people had a similar idea.  We managed to keep our spot even when J.B. Holmes flew one over our heads and we have to move back to give him view to the green. The people around us rushed back in but luckily ourselves, plus the kids, parents, and other fans were courteous.  We were all there just to catch Tiger in what could be one last glorious time on the PGA Tour live.  We hope not, but it’s a possibility.


Although some people really can’t stand the guy you have to remember what he does for the game and what he has done for the game.  He is undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes of all time.  He brought golf to the masses.  He influenced the non-golfer to come out, pay, and participate in golf.


I was just a kid the first time I saw him, as a kid, play live.  It was 1998 at the PGA Championship at Sahalee in Washington State.  He was just a kid.


If this truly is the last time I’ll get to see him live and in person then so be it.  I hope not!  I hope future generations can continue to watch him compete and I really hope he can be in contention at least one more time!


Where you there this weekend?  What are your thoughts?





3 thoughts on “Did You Go See Tiger This Weekend?

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    I was the Walking Scorer for his group (Snedeker and Kang) on Saturday, what a hoot. It was a day of 10,000 “Tiger” yells. His short game and creativity shined bright, and he needed it since his tee shots were all over the place. The crowds were excited to see him out on the course and in generally great health. He still has a bit of violence in his swing but there was never a grimace. Of the 20 years I’ve doing this gig for PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours, this ranks #1.

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    My husband and I were delighted to see Tiger play again. He has been an Inspiration to countless people. Why not try to give back for all he has given to us. Try not to be judgmental. Instead, wish him the best in all areas of his life.

    1. blank

      Tiger Woods, the whoremonger, an inspiration? He should have been banned from pro golf for sullying their image.

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