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Dropping the Swank… Want to Play?

Exclusive [ik-skloo-siv]:  shutting out all others from part or share; charging comparatively high prices or expensive; not admitting of something or someone else.

Private. Privileged. Ritzy. Aristocratic. Cliquish. Discriminating. Exclusionary. Snobbish. Swank.

PGA WestIt’s time to break that old golf reputation and re-educate the masses that golf itself is INCLUSIVE!  Sure there may be private country clubs throughout our glorious golfing region but did you know that you can have access and get a tee time at those courses and at an affordable rate?  It’s all in part thanks to the SCGA.  Their primary goal is to enhance the enjoyment of the game for those who actively live the golf lifestyle or have just learned to swing a club.  What they don’t just come out and say is that they are here to help you get the absolute most out of your golfing experience here in Southern California and that means having the opportunity to play at the best courses in our region.

So let’s drop the swank and get out and play!

La Costa. Saticoy. Valencia. Pelican Hill. Trump National. Rolling Hills CC. Del Mar CC. TPC Valencia. Coto de Caza. Aviara. Bighorn GC. Stone Eagle GC. Palos Verdes. The Farms. Sherwood CC.


In order to take advantage of the SCGA member outings at some of the most prestigious and private courses you have to be… well, a member and guess what?!  It’s only $60 per year!

Are you ready?  This Monday the virtual doors to our brand new SOCAL Golfer will open and as an official SOCAL GolferSCGA member club you’ll get the chance to step up to the tee and play the best Southern California courses at affordable rates!  Included in your tee time will be a cart, range balls, and in some cases breakfast and/or lunch.

It’s your time to play!  It’s our time to help you do it!  SOCAL Golfer is committed to the golf enthusiasts and you don’t have to be married to one course.  With the SCGA, we’re here to get you on as many as possible.

See you on Monday!

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