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Why Should I Sell My Old Golf Equipment?

Question 1:  Would you like to have some extra cash in your pocket?  I’m pretty sure no one would answer that with a no so forget I even asked that.

Question 2:  Would you like to own new golf equipment but not at retail price?  What if the gear has been lightly used?

Second hand stores are all the rage right now and your golf equipment should join the party!  Everywhere we turn there are second hand stores for kids, adults, and sports but did you know that if you sell your items through those type of shops you actually give up the majority portion of the profit to the owners?  Okay, so where do you turn to to keep the control of the sale?  There are various online auction sites and want-ad type of publications but you are just one of many products among a sea of every type of item.

What if I told you that we have created a golf only and regionally based sales forum where you can buy, sell, and exchange your used or new golf equipment?  No longer will you have to worry about cross-country shipping charges.  You keep 100% of the profit.  Havepeace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with only your fellow SOCAL Golfer community members.

Introducing the Golf Locker – your one stop online shop to keep things regional and golf specific.  It’s truly that simple!

Our official SCGA Member Club is launching November 2nd – Sell your golf gear, pocket some cash, treat yourself to something new!

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