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Eliminate Golf Slice Drill

This drill should form the corner-stone of your practice sessions in the immediate future. Try to visit the range 2-3 times a week for the next 2 weeks. Hit 50 balls using the basket set up, really trying to start each ball flight out to the right of the target.

Even if you can’t get to the range, you can practice this drill in the yard with an airflow practice ball or even without a ball at all.

  • Using a 7 iron, tee the ball up on a small tee. Take a couple of driving range buckets or similar to use as obstructions.
  • Place the first basket about 18 inches behind the golf ball. This should allow just enough room for you to make your normal backswing, but it will not allow any room for you to bring the club over the top or on an outside swing path in the downswing.

  • Hit between 25 and 50 balls from this position. The ball should block out to the right. Feel how your club is being swung much more from behind your body.
  • When you feel comfortable with this drill, take a second basket and place it two feet in front of the ball, but inside the line of the first basket, effectively creating a gate for the club to pass through.
  • Hit some balls from the tee ensuring you keep the club traveling towards the ball from the inside, but this time also work on extending the club past the second basket. This should create a nice, aggressive in-to-out swing path.

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