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Flashback Golf Friday

Today is Flashback Friday (not to be confused with Throwback Thursday)… so let’s all close our eyes and reminisce of yesteryear when Tiger could do no wrong on the golf course and had a happy (or what we so thought) marriage.  Who didn’t sit on the edge of their seat every weekend to watch the master at work sinking unsinkable putts, showing off his ridiculous precision on his approach shots, and crushing the snot out of the ball off the tee?  He was an artist on the golf course.  A true expert.  Kids and grownups alike wanted to be him.  Women wanted to be with himTiger Woods Flashback Friday (and they did *cough cough*).  Brands hoisted him higher than any other athlete before his time.  We all wore black pants and a red top on Sundays as if it was religion.  Tiger was different from the field.  He was obsessed with the game and aimed to master every inch.  He was everything golf wanted, needed, and had.

The Tiger chatter in the media today is overwhelming!  It’s as if every outlet is chanting (and seemingly whining), “We want Tiger, we want Tiger, we want Tiger!”  It’s no lie that golf ratings have dipped in recent years and it seems to be that everyone believes a rebound by the greatest golfer to ever grace our presence would be the booster shot to get our beloved game back to an exciting level.  Can he do it?  I’m not so sure.  He’s still considered at the top of most marketable athletes even though he hasn’t won since the summer of 2013.  Truth.

Tiger Woods Flashback FridayIt’s like a bad relationship that you can’t end.  On again.  Off again.  In love.  In hate.  We keep trying to go back for more thinking he’s changed, he’s his old self again, but is he?  We’ve tried to kiss and make up by rooting for him but then missing the cut we sigh and exclaim, “It’s the same ol’ same ol’.”  Could he make the comeback we all think we so desperately need?  Why him?  Why now?

It’s a Flashback Golf Friday!  Curious to get a discussion going…

Do you agree that he is who golf needs back at the top of the podium or do you think that we are ready to move on and fall in love with another player?  



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