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Golf and Gambling – 8 Games to Make it Easy and Fun

Golf and gambling.  Gambling and golf.  In my humble opinion the two go somewhat hand in hand.  Sure sure sure we all try to beat our friends or significant others for respect and bragging rights but nothing adds to the competitive flare like a little money wager.

Here’s a list of 8 ways to make a couple bucks while on the course that keep it fun and don’t involve crazy complex pointing systems:

  1. Simple and traditional flat net or gross prize.  Call it $25 paid to the winner or whatever you fancy.  This keeps things simple and no guesswork or tallying to be done post round.  I beat you.  Give me $25.  You beat me.  Here’s $25.  Playing with a group of four of you and someone is walking away with $75… and no, you don’t have to buy drinks or lunch for the others! golf and gambling
  2. Old school Skins.  This is also a pretty easy one but money changes hands a lot so you can go back and forth or make things really simple and just throw on the score card a +1 or whatevs and hand over cash at the end.  …can even get cheap and say 10 cents a hole but let’s be real here, I want to make a few bucks off the round, not $1.80 if I’m lucky.  You can also make this more exciting by increasing the wager per hole the closer you are to the clubhouse (holes 1-9 are $1 each and holes 10-18 are $2 each).
  3. The most common of games, Nassau.  The game is three bets all done at once which is the low score on the front nine, low score on the back nine and low score over the full 18.  That simple.  Set a predetermined prize for each of the categories and get playin’!
  4. Strike Three.  This is your game if you’re a typical high handicapper but still like to add a little spice to the round.  Set your pot, throw in the bucks and at the end of a round you each get to strike out three holes from your card (obviously high scores).  Lowest 15 hole score wins the money.
  5. Low Putt.  As easy as it sounds.  Whoever manages to finish the round with the lowest number of putts wins the wager.  Here’s the kicker though… if you putt from the fringe and leave it three feet short and follow that with a made putt, your putt score is still one.  Only count what starts on the green.  We aren’t encouraging a poor approach shot but at least making bets on who can finish out the hole.
  6. Three Club Monte.  Your choice.  Three clubs only and the group’s call to decide if the putter is one of those three or if you can bring the putter along as a fourth.  I prefer that the putter is one of the three.  Low score takes the win!
  7. Eagles, Birdies, Pars.  Keep it simple – $1 for a par, $2 for a birdie, and $3 for an eagle.  Go!
  8. Guys & Dolls.  You guessed it… it’s a battle of the sexes!  You can tack this onto any of the above and make it a more competitive bet with the great potential of hurting your ego along with your wallet!

What other golf and gambling games have you played to make a couple bucks on the side?  Keep it simple… no one wants to bring out a calculator!


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