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Getting Competitive – SOCAL Golfers are eligible to join SCGA Tournaments

So you are starting to get serious about golf.  You’re chasing that low handicap and you’re ready to test your skills under pressure.  Think you’ve got what it takes but don’t know where to begin? …no worries.  We’ve got you handled!

SOCAL Golfer
Each year the SCGA administers a full calendar of championships which is considered to be one of the strongest tournament programs in the country.  As a SOCAL Golfer member you are now officially eligible to sign up and go for the trophy.  Practice, compete, place, win.  You’ll also most likely meet some other competitive golf enthusiasts to inspire your run.  Get this… if you qualify and place in some of our tournaments you are then eligible to go to national events through the USGA… think the U.S. Open.  Now that’s competitive!

Not ready to get that competitive but still want a shot at a trophy?  Your membership in SOCAL Golfer also gets you access to the various amateur events the SCGA hosts including their individual and team play contests.  There is truly something for everyone from the scratch golfer to the mid-high handicapper, both men and women, and young to old.

SOCAL Golfer

Not a SOCAL Golfer yet?  What are you waiting for?

Sign up takes 2 minutes!

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