Golf... Ain't Nobody Got Time for That?
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Golf… Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That?



Huge complaint from golfers and wannabe golfers – it takes too long.  As much as that is absolutely true it’s also kind of not true.

For whatever reason we have been conditioned to believe that golf means 18 holes every single time we play.  Truth of the matter is that many golf courses only offer 18-hole rates too which further solidifies this thought.  I get it that courses need to maximize their ability to bring in income but it’s time to adjust our thinking… and when I say “our” I mean golfers and courses.

Golf... Ain't Nobody Got Time for That?

Here is a list of 10 reasons why playing 9 holes is quite possibly one of the best things approaches to golf:

  1. It takes half the time of a full 18 holes.  In some cases you can even play in an hour or less (depending on the course and the time of day).
  2. With less time means it’s easier to fit into your day.  Busy work schedule?  Kids?  You can easily fit in 2 hours much easier than 4+.
  3. For courses that do offer 9-hole rates it’s cheaper!
  4. You can still post your score to GHIN for tracking your Handicap Index.
  5. If you’re a new golfer it’s far easier to learn with 9 holes and get rid of the stress of having to focus for 18 holes.
  6. It takes less energy.  Tired after a long day of work?  Half a round is easier on your body.
  7. If you really love golf then there is no reason to complain because full round or half round, you’re still golfing!
  8. It can improve your skill development from a mental perspective because you’re focused for a shorter burst of time.
  9. You can play 2 balls and it can create 18 holes.
  10. It’s better than playing no golf.

No excuses now!


Golf... Ain't Nobody Got Time for That?

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    Over the past 7 years I have played 1,100 rounds of golf, 9 holes at a time. Front 9 one day & back 9 the next.

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