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Golf Putting Drill & Test

This is one of my favorite putting drills. It can also be used as a test to compare yourself with professional golfers to see how you fare.

By now, you can probably appreciate how an improvement in your putting will have a direct and immediate positive impact on your scores…

But very few golfers practice putting enough or practice correctly. I think it’s easy to get bored quite quickly on the practice putting green and for practice time to lack focus and purpose.

This drill is designed to change that!

Read below and go give this putting drill a try and make a note of your score:

Putting Drill

    • Take 4 tees and place them at 4 compass points around the hole, 1 putter length apart.
    • Using a single golf ball, make a putt from each tee (you’ll be hitting 4 different putts with 4 different types of subtle break).
    • Make a total of 10 putts i.e. do 2½ laps round the hole. Make a note of how many putts you sink.
    • Now move the tees out to 2 putter lengths away, hit 10 more putts and take your score.
    • Finally, move the tees out to 3 putter lengths away , hit 10 putts and take your score.
    • You should have a total score out of 30. See the chart below to see how you compare to top professionals.

There’s no reason why any level of golfer can’t reach the upper teens and even 20 putts out of 30!

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