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The Golf Swing Follow Through

Many amateur golfers assume that as soon they’ve struck the golf ball, what happens in the final stages of their swing is largely irrelevant. But a nice-looking, balanced follow through in your golf swing isn’t just for show – it has a very important role…

That role is to link the start position and the finish position together so that your body can train itself to run that same sequence every time. If you start at position A every time and finish in position C every time, your probably going to go through position B (i.e. the impact position) every time.

If your follow through position is out of balance and inconsistent, what happens before that is likely to be out of balance and inconsistent too.

Read below for some golf swing follow through checkpoints.

Golf Swing Follow Through Checkpoints:

  • Your momentum and the speed of the club should pull you around and upwards, to a balanced finish.
  • Check that your belt buckle is facing the target, your chest facing at or slightly left of target.
  • 95% of your weight should be on your left foot(right handed golfer), which should still be planted in the same spot at which it started.
  • Also check that your right foot (right handed golfer) is only touching the ground with the tip toe, and not resting on the ball of the foot, as this will allow too much weight to stay back on the right foot (right handed golfer).
  • You should feel able to hold this position for a few seconds, at least until the ball lands.

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