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Half-Swing Drill

Take the club back to a point where your arms are more or less parallel to the ground and then STOP. From that position, swing into the ball and try to hit it with as much force as you can without knocking yourself off balance or pulling any muscles.

What this does is two things:

1. It teaches you how to shift your weight towards the target (it’s an instinctive move)
2. From this half-swing/stopped position, it’s impossible to come from the outside-in or over-the-top.

What you’ll also teach yourself is that there is a certain compactness associated with power and control and it serves to illustrate that huge backswings and other exaggerated movements are really not necessary to produce powerful and accurate golf shots.

When the pro’s talk about extending swing arcs and other power-adding moves, please remember that they are doing these things to tweak an already nearly perfect swing to squeeze every last ounce of power from it. For the average weekend player, the fundamentals are far more important than “reaching for the sky” or any of the other crazy tips splashed across covers to sell magazines.

The half-swing takes all of that nonsense out of the equation and forces you to concentrate on the basics of weight shift, head position, and inside-out swing path and a good release of the hands. This happens because when you ask your body to deliver a powerful blow to the ball from a stopped, half-swing position, you will instinctively do what’s necessary to try to get the most “Oomph” into the ball from that limited starting point.

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