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Pull Back Putting Drill

The Pull Back Putting Drill is well known and for good reason. It’ll take the stress out of your knee-knockers and have you staring at the bottom of the cup.  Everybody knows the feeling of missing a 6-foot birdie putt… this drill can make sure you never feel it again.  Play this 9-hole pull back putting drill with some friends and you’ll be consistently rolling in 6-8 footers in no time.

How to do the 9-Hole Pull Back Putting Drill

1.  Start with one ball 10 feet away from the hole.  Roll your best putt.

2. Wherever the ball ends up (if you make it move to step number 4), pull it one putter length further away from the hole and putt again.

3. Repeating this process until you make the putt.  Keeping your score as you go (1 putt = birdie, 2 putts = par, 3 putts = bogey) and so on.

4. Next move back to 20 feet and repeat the process.

5. Do this drill from 10, 20, and 30 feet three times in a row.  Playing a 9-hole round, trying to improve your rounds week to week.

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