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How to Clean Your Golf Shoes

You wear them all the time and probably never clean them.  You sweat.  I’ll bet you don’t always change your socks either, just stuff them in your shoes after your round of golf and throw them in the trunk.  Sound true to you?  …your golf shoes stink, so here are some simple steps on how to clean your golf shoes and extend their life.  Yes, you need to do this!

How to Clean Golf Shoes

What you’ll need:

  • Anti-fungal spray (think athletes foot spray, odor control spray, or anti-bacterial spray and any grocery will have it)
  • Dry Sheets (you’ll need about four individual sheets)
  • Soap (mild dish soap will do the trick!)
  • Water – in a bowl or bucket
  • One towel – bath or beach size will be perfect
  • Some shoe polish (can get at your local grocery store)
  • Leather oil (only if you have leather shoes of course)


Step 1:

We’ll start by tackling the smell of your golf shoes… Smelly shoes can be caused by athletes foot, dirty socks, or just simply sweaty feet.  Grab your can of anti-fungal spray (whether you have athletes foot or not) and spray liberally on the inside of each shoe.  Once done, ball up two or three dryer sheets and stuff into each shoe.  You’re going to want to leave these in over night.  How to Clean Golf Shoes

Step 2:

In your bowl or bucket, mix together water and your soap.  Dip one side of your towel in the soapy water and start wiping away any dirt from the top side of your shoes.  Do not dip your shoes in the bucket because soaking can damage the material and integrity of the shoe.  Wipe dry with the other end of the towel.

Step 3:

Grab your shoe polish.  Be sure the shoe polish you picked up is a matching color and appropriate for the material of your shoes.  Most shoe polish also comes with an applicator brush to apply the solution.  Start buffing out the scuff marks.  Set aside and dry for about 10 minutes.  How to Clean Golf Shoes

Step 4:

Time for the underside!  Back to your wet end of the towel, dip in the soapy water and start wiping away the dirt to the bottom side of your shoes.

Step 5:

If your shoes are leather it’s a good idea to treat them with leather oil.  You will want to apply a small amount of leather oil to the entire topside of the shoe.  You can use your dry end of the towel.  Only use a few drops of the oil and gently massage this into the shoe.  Set aside and dry for another 10 minutes.

…and now you have clean golf shoes!  Change your socks. How to Clean Golf Shoes


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