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swingOIL Review – The Golfer’s Drink

“I’m finally loose and warmed up!”  …typically said by like the 6th hole for most golfers.  Or if you’re like me I like to throw that little line out on the 13th or 14th hole.  No matter how much I warm up on the range I just can’t get loose and comfortable until I’ve spent a good couple of hours playing golf.  Maybe that’s just an excuse I use for a bad front nine but in all reality, I’m stiff, didn’t stretch properly, and am just not in a peak performing state.  For most of us golfers when we’re feeling stiff we reach for the ol’ swing oil (alcohol) swingOIL Reviewand use that to loosen up and mask some pains or the standard ibuprofen.  You have to hand it to the team over at the official swingOIL for formulating a pre-game beverage that has natural ingredients to taste great, support flexibility and joint health, and be a healthy alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs.


  • Comes in a box of 24, a pack of 12, or individually at local sport shops and online
  • 3 oz. beverage designed to support an active golfer
  • Drink comes in a pouch ready to drink
  • Three available flavors – Lemon-Lime, Orange, and Strawberry Banana
  • Contains natural flavors
  • One pouch contains 45 calories
  • 7 key ingredients – glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric extract, taurine, citrulline malate, ginseng extract, and rhodiola rosea extract
  • Celebrity partner – Jason Day
  • Formulated for strength, focus, and flexibility
  • Founded in Newport, RI


The swingOIL pouch is fairly compact at only 3 fluid ounces and can easily fit in your pocket or bag.  The back of the pouch suggests drinking it on the range, on the course, or to freeze the pouch and take it on the go.  So… I dropped one in the freezer and left it overnight so I could take it to the course the next day.  Of the three flavor choices I was most excited to try the Lemon-Lime but think there three available choices are all good options and easily accessible by most golfer taste buds.  swingOIL ReviewNothing obscure about Orange and Strawberry Banana!  The pouch reminds me of the Shot Paks I used to buy back in my earlier 20’s which is funny since the term “swing oil” is the old reference to alcohol.  The shelf life of the swingOIL pouch seems decent with one in my hand good until March of 2016… good to know there is a shelf life and this isn’t just a product that lasts forever.  Makes me question the natural ingredients if it’s a last forever type of beverage.  In order to get started and drink the swingOIL you grip the pouch and rip the top off.  Simple.


Here’s the deal… there are no long term studies to prove the effectiveness of swingOIL but the founders used themselves as guinea pigs and currently hold the record for the most holes played in a day at the Longest Day Golf Challenge back in 2009 – 253 holes!  They also have countless advocates including Jason Day who we all know as our most recent PGA Champ.  Worth a try!  Feeling particularly stiff in my ankles, knees, and shoulders I was eager to see if swingOIL is what I’ve needed for my golf game.  My afternoon round of golf was going to be a hot one so I started my pre-game routine with the frozen Strawberry Banana pouch.  Um…. YUM!  After it melted a bit it was like a little slushy.  swingOIL ReviewI chomped it back, stretched (my usual bend over and take a few practice swings not-much-of-a-stretch stretch), hit a few balls, and hit the course.  For the front nine holes I decided to ride in a cart.  At the turn I drank the Lemon-Lime (not frozen) pouch and walked the remainder of the course.  In the normal non-frozen state the swingOIL Lemon-Lime tasted really good and had the consistency of any normal beverage.  There was nothing heavy or overpowering about the flavor either.  Just a crisp Lemon-Lime.  I opted to forgo any beer on the course today and by the end of the round found myself really feeling good.  I honestly had no aches or pains and managed to make the whole round without getting that end of the round tired feeling that typically creeps in.  I would absolutely say that swingOIL did help improve my game and it was definitely a tasty alternative to having to choke back a couple anti-inflammatory pills.


Worth trying?  I’d say absolutely!  I always appreciate when golf products are made by real golfers and I think the team at swingOIL has nailed it.  If you ask the majority of golfers over the age of 30 we have had to rely on a bottle of something whether it be anti-inflammatory pills or alcohol just to mask the “I’m getting older but still want to play golf” aches.  They’ve formulated a natural and healthy alternative to having to take medication and have provided us with something to support our flexibility and joint health.  The morning after my round I woke up to no aches or pains.  I needed no morning stretch.  I highly recommend freezing the pouch as well as this made for a nice treat on a hot day!

For more information click HERE.

MSRP:  $59.00 for a 24pk / $29.50 for a 12pkswingOIL Review

To buy now click HERE.

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