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How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing Rhythm

It’s easy to think that the harder you swing the farther your ball will go but that couldn’t be further (sort of) from the truth.

Perfect tempo and perfect mechanics are what make the ball gain distance and if you’re swing so hard your mechanics fall by the way side then you’re going to get an errant shot and probably way less yardage then you thought.

Here are some simple tips for how to find the right tempo for your golf swing:

TIP 1:  To improve your tempo you need to have good balance and from there you can work towards consistent tempo.  At the range or during your warm up on the tee box hit dry swings (without a ball) and live swings (with a ball) with your feet together.  This will help improve your balance and overall core rotation.  If you swing too hard you will stumble or even fall.  Go slow and find the proper swing speed so that you are hitting your ball or nailing your swing mechanics flawlessly but with your knees and feet together.

TIP 2:  Slow motion swings will help you feel your swing points.  Begin by taking a very slow motion swing and stopping at each major swing point.  Then gradually increase your swing speed (no more stopping) by 10%, 20%, 50%, 75%, to a full 100% swing.

TIP 3:  Holding your finish might be the most simple tip to help with your golf swing rhythm.  Focus on holding your finish for 3-5 seconds after every swing.  When you try to grip it and rip it you’ll inevitably swing too hard which makes holding your finish tough to do.  By slowing down and focusing on the finish your take away will remain with an even tempo.

Listen… quit comparing yourself to the touring pros or the long drive champs.  Although they look like they’re swing ridiculously fast (which they are) they can because their rhythm and tempo match.  They have perfect mechanics.  BUT… we’ve all seen even the best with errant shots which means even they too are guilty of rushing their tempo.

Less is more.  Slow to gain!

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    It looks like you have not read John Novosel’s great book called Tour Tempo—Golf’s Last Secret Finally Revealed. In it he meticulously explains why slow is not only not good for the average player, but is actually a reason why they play poorly. When players purposely increase their tempo, they free up their swing, maintain lag longer, turn better, and early extend less than when they painstakingly try to hit positions during their swing. I know that your “tip” is well meaning, but it is woefully wrong and will hurt golfers way more than it will help. The unfortunate part of this story is that, while this advice was free, many instructors mistakenly rely on this advice and charge people money for it. Before furthering this advice, I urge you to read Tour Tempo and I believe that you wll change your mind.

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