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How to Hit a Draw

It’s arguably one of the best looking shots in golf and believe it or not, this little move will add some distance to your shots thanks to physics. So how in the world do you hit a draw?

For those uninformed, a draw is when your ball does a nice little slight right to left (for a right handed golfer) and vice versa for the lefties.


The super simple steps:

Set Up: Aim your club face just a touch to the right of your intended target.

Body: Your feet, shoulders, and hips should be aimed up just a touch further right than your club face. This is key because it actually makes your club face closed.

Swing: When you swing the club the path should go along the same line as your body set up. This gets the ball going right but with your closed club face it will get the ball to have draw spin and curve back left.

Oh… and lot’s of practice!

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