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Handicap Question – Can I Post a Score When My Home Club’s Season is Inactive?

A large part of our Southern California region definitely has a season for golf.  The Inland Empire with its desert communities has many golfers who only live here part of the year.  We also have mountain courses that close down in the winter time.  If you’re one of those golfers who call those clubs home then this question is definitely for you!

Handicap question – If my home club’s season is currently inactive, can I still post a score while playing at another golf course?

ANSWER – We have a two part answer for you.

**If you play a round of golf at a course that is currently set as inactive then sadly no, you can’t post that round for handicapping purposes.

**If you belong to a club as your home course that is currently inactive but you play a round elsewhere that is currently in an active season then go for it… post that score.

Questions?  Let us know!

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