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How to Hit a Low Stinger

You’re stuck under a tree.  You have a bank of trees in front of you.  Or it’s just super windy.  Knowing how to hit a low stinger is the key to getting out of these tough situations and it’s a good shot to have in your bag just in case.

Here are simple steps so you too can hit a low stinger.

CLUB SELECTION:  No matter the distance it’s best to first perfect this punch shot with a club you can guarantee to hit a stinger with.  Start with a 7-iron.

BALL PLACEMENT:  One key to hitting a punch shot in golf is all down to ball placement.  Unlike hitting a nice lofted shot you’ll need to put the ball back in your stance.  The placement should be approximately 2-3 inches to the right of your normal center stance.

HAND PLACEMENT:  Now that the ball is back in your stance your instincts will want to get your hands back there too.  Don’t.  Keep your hands in the same neutral position you would have for a normal golf shot.

CLUB FACE PLACEMENT:  Square square square.  Again, as if it were a normal shot you are going to want to keep your club face square to your target.  This will reduce the loft in the club due to the position of the ball at impact.

POWER:  Don’t force the ball low and allow the other presets take over.  Swing with about 80% power and whatever you do don’t try and swing any harder.  The harder you swing the more likely you’ll get loft and add backspin to the ball which is the opposite of what you are going for.

FINISH:  We’re not aiming for a full swing here.  Stop your hands at follow through mid-hip as if you’re gunning it.  Finish with your club parallel to the ground.

Before taking this to the course try it out on the range!  …and remember, when it’s breezy, swing easy!

4 thoughts on “How to Hit a Low Stinger

  1. blank

    This has been my “get out of jail” shot, in addition to a MUST be in the fairway on a VERY windy day shot. I learned it very early and now at 70 still use it even more as it’s easier to control than most people think.

  2. blank

    I sometimes use a 3 wood to punch a nice low shot from underneath the trees on my home course.

  3. blank

    Thanks for your proper guide. I hope, now i can hit well.

  4. blank

    This guy is spot on. I love to hit 4 iron or even 2. You can be under a tree and hit it 150 yrds Dont swing to hard!

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