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How To Hit Chip Shots From Tight Lies

Bare / tight lies are notoriously difficult to chip from because it’s so easy to hit the ball thin. And thin chips are fairly destructive because they travel a long way, so it’s little wonder that most amateur golfers play this shot with much trepidation.

Here are some tips and techniques for chipping from awkward tight lies…

Play the golf ball back in your stance – almost off the back foot. This will help you to strike down on the ball a little bit more, reducing the chances of a thin contact.

We recommend you play a chip and run shot from a bare lie wherever possible. A chip and run shot with a 7-iron requires a shorter backswing and less power than a chip with a lob wedge. A poorly struck chip and run will turn out similar to a well struck chip and run. A poorly struck lob wedge (that requires a much long backswing) will usually end up costing you shots.

Keep the bodyweight predominantly (70%) on the front foot. Your hands should be well ahead of the ball with the club shaft pointing into your left hip.

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