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How to increase your driver distance

We all want to increase our distance with the driver. And length off the tee is held is such high regard that many amateur golfers kid themselves that they drive the ball 15-30 yards further than they actually do…

In this article, we’ll examine how you can increase your driver distance in a very real and measurable way on the golf course.

1. Master Good Fundamentals

When your swing is fundamentally sound, you’ll hit the ball further – much further. Most amateur golfers, even low handicappers, have inefficiencies in their set up and swing that is costing them vital yardage every time they play.

Factors like poor weight transfer, a swing plane that is too flat or too steep, an incorrect grip, too much hip turn, a soft left side at impact and bad posture (to name a few), all rob you of power and driving distance.

You’ll find lots of definitive checkpoints for different phases of the golf swing that you can measure your own swing against.

2. Refine Your Technique for Big Drives

If you feel confident that your set up and swing are fundamentally sound, there are some adjustments you can make to gain extra yardage with the big stick…

Read below to get these distance improving adjustments.

  • Take a slightly wider stance than normal for a more stable base and to encourage a bit of extra resistance in the backswing.
  • Tip the right shoulder down a bit more. Place about 60% of your weight on your right side at address (vice versa for the left-handed golfer).
  • You can position the ball slightly further forward (right opposite the big toe) and teed up slightly higher. I wouldn’t encourage this into a head wind however.
  • Encourage a big shoulder rotation in the backswing by making sure the left shoulder comes over and across the right knee cap (vice versa for the left-handed golfer).
  • Make sure there is plenty of resistance in the hips and legs. Don’t let the knees flex or extend too much as you turn back.
  • At the top of the backswing, drive the body weight across by focusing on your belt buckle. Feel as though you are spinning the belt buckle around, like a wheel, as quickly as possible to face your target. This is a very different feeling from starting the downswing with the hands and arms.
  • Maintain a good rhythm and timing throughout the swing. Any loss of balance will probably result in a poor strike on the ball – which negates everything else you do!

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