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Improve Your Chipping With A Coin (Drill)

Many golfers find this drill an excellent chipping technique that you can practice from your home.

You can practice this drill pretty much anywhere using a coin. Challenging yourself by chipping various coins does not only equip you with effective skills of making an adequate encounter with your chipping shots, but it will also makes chipping at the ball much more comfortable.

Many golfers find this drill effective because it makes you assume a downward position while chipping, and play accurately with your wedges.


  1. Set about ten coins in your living room carpet
  2. Try to get clear contact with the coins as shooting them in the air.
  3. Shoot the coins one after the other as you aim for a specific position in the house probably a corner of the
  4. Calculate your score out of the ten coins and ensure that you score at least 7 out of the ten coins for better performance
  5. Practice this drill more often at home to ensure that you achieve the highest level of accuracy.

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