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Internet personality claims that it is time for golf to be canceled

Abbie Richards, who ridiculously describes herself as ‘The Anti-Golf Girl’ and regularly uploads videos to her social media accounts condemning the sport, claims that “society has evolved past the need for golf”.

“Few things make me angrier than poorly purposed land,” wrote Richards in a lengthy op-ed for the EuroNews website. “Land, for instance, that could be affordable housing, a community farm, a public park, or a natural habitat, but instead has been converted into a massive board game that functions more as a status symbol than as a form of entertainment.”

“There are almost 40,000 golf courses in the world. They sit there, using 26 times the amount of space per player as a football field – while providing far less value to the global community.”

Richards goes on with her absurd claim that golf courses are “nature-themed amusement parks” and alleges that Pebble Beach has “released between one and five million balls into coastal water since it opened”.

“The game that exploded in popularity as a symbol of middle class success now symbolizes waste, excess, and inequality,” she added. “Golf is quite literally a waste of space. People are homeless and hungry in the same cities where a privileged few whack little balls across the land that could house and feed thousands.”

“The 20th century is over. It’s time we, as a society, admit that golf was a bad idea and move on.”

Well well well… Miss internet personality, we think you couldn’t be more wrong!

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