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Introducing the Callaway Chrome Speed Golf Ball… Sort of

After some late night internet surfing I happened down a path of looking up golf balls not only to test but also simply just to find a good price.  Golf balls can be pretty pricey and I definitely don’t like spending extra money on something that isn’t going to help my game.

One click led to another and I found this great little gem of a site called  I LOVE finding good deal golf sites and do tend to buy a lot of my equipment and clothing from online retailers simply because the deals are better… and most times they offer free shipping.

At any rate, I clicked on the drop down for “Accessories” and found under “Golf Balls” that they had one offer – the Callaway Chrome Speed Golf Ball and it states “never-released”.   I’d never heard of these balls and of course went to verify this insider statement by checking out Callaway directly.  In a new web browser Callaway Golf’s website offers about 16 different SKU’s and the Chrome Speed isn’t one of them.  How did get their hands on these and why weren’t they released to the public?Callaway Chrome Speed Golf Ball

So… my 2 a.m. curiosity (and the killer price!) got me and I ordered a dozen balls.

The package arrived and the ball itself looks like any other Callaway golf ball.  Same hexagon imprint.  Same logo.  Still feeling a bit puzzled because this ball never hit the public retail market I was definitely excited to give it a try.

I found an open afternoon and shot up the road to the local course and hopped on as a single for a 9-hole round.

Callaway Chrome Speed Golf BallI assumed the Callaway Chrome Speed Golf Ball would be a dual personality of both a speed and a soft ball design based on’s description.  It definitely held true!  The ball had that nice low spin off the club head that you would expect from a soft ball and on contact it seemed effortless and almost no feeling of contact.  It also fit right into my swing speed ability and edged me a couple yards further then my typical game which is always a plus.

One can argue that it’s just another SKU that Callaway didn’t release because they already have a good handful of them out there but I like how this ball fits nicely in between what is already on their product line. It marries two features that the average golfer can use in a big way for control, comfort, and distance.

Callaway Chrome Speed Golf Ball

Worth getting your hands on?  I’m never one to shy away from a good deal and like I’ve said before, anything to help my performance I’m game to try!

Happy hitting!

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