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5 Reasons Why Your Feet Matter to Improve Your Golf Game

What if I told you that in reality the song goes toes, knees, shoulders, head instead of the way we have always been traditionally taught?  Don’t believe me?

Here you are, a relatively healthy individual who golfs regularly (or even sporadically – doesn’t matter!), owns all of the latest equipment and clothing and yet still doesn’t understand why your performance isn’t increasing… or that you feel achy a good hour or so after your round is complete.  Maybe it’s the next morning, but regardless, you at some point are tired after a round on the course.Does your back, neck or hips hurt after a round of golf? Could be late that day or even the next morning.

Stability and balance.  …Because it’s all about the base.  Oh wait.  Wrong song!  Back to toes, knees, shoulders, head.

Here are 5 reasons why your feet actually matter when it comes to improving your golf game:

  1. Eventually poor stability and balance can lead to heel and foot pain in one or both feet.
  2. Sadly, it’s human nature to compensate (subconsciously) to relieve this pain and end up adding pressure by relying on the other foot that isn’t in as much pain.
  3. Not surprisingly, this overcompensation will cause more pain and discomfort.
  4. So, now what? Believe it or not, this adapting behavior we all do begins to migrate upward.  People tend to lean forward to take pressure of the heel or lean backward to take pressure off of the toes.
  5. …and like that, you now are on your very own path to knee, hip, back, and neck pain all because you had poor stability and balance.

Stability and balance are key to improving your golf game.

Okay, so we recognize that our feet are important and that stability and balance are key to helping us relieve potential aches but how does that improve my performance on the golf course?

…again, because it’s all about the base.  Stability and balance.

I’ve done some homework to try and find the best solution for how to achieve an improvement in my golf game based on my feet and realized that what I needed was an insole.  I remember from my running days how just the simplest adjustment of adding a proper insole made a major improvement on my finishing time.  Naturally, I believed that doing the same could better my golf game.

I hit the web to do some research and coupled that with previous experience of the various different brands I’ve tried over the years for running.  There are a few out there that specify golf as their target audience but only VoxxSol touts the fact that they are performance driven.  Hey, they’ve even done independent testing in our sport – golf!  Now we are onto something!  They too understand that it’s a bottom up approach to adding increased performance to your game.

Independent testing of the Voxxsole Performance insole proves they help to increase range of motion, power, accuracy, balance and helps improve your stamina during your round of golf.
Independent testing of the Voxxsole Performance insole proves they help to increase range of motion, power, accuracy, balance and helps improve your stamina during your round of golf.

Put it this way, we easily spend $100+ on the best and most comfortable golf shoes out there (especially whatever the pros are currently wearing) but they all come with the same insole that is generic. Do you think the pros aren’t wearing performance insoles??  Those guys are on their feet day in and day out.  Personally, I wanted to try the performance insole to see if it’s worth the extra money…

How’d they work?  They don’t look like much when they arrive… just two Rickie Fowler orange insoles that you just slip into your shoes and off you go.  I’ve worn them now for five rounds of golf (three 18-holes and two 9-holes, three of which I walked the course while playing) and I have to admit I can definitely see a difference.  I felt more comfortable which gave me the ability to have a greater range of motion.  This naturally led to increased power because I was able to get a more solid swing which resulted in a good 5-10 yard increase in my shots.  I could absolutely feel the improved hip rotation.  I also noticed that the following morning after a round I didn’t wake up sore like I usually do in my upper shoulders and knees.

Voxxsole Performance insoles are bright orange and slip easily into your golf shoes.

Moreover, the majority of my shots hit the fairway in about the same location.  Increased accuracy definitely comes down to balance and correcting the squirrely feeling we all get in our feet as we lineup for our next shot.

That stability and balance thing definitely proves to be important!

Did the VoxxSol improve my golf game?  I’d say yes!  Anything I can do to improve accuracy and increase length of shots I’m game to try.

Your feet absolutely do matter when it comes to improving your golf game – start from the ground up!  I’d say this is one of the most important pieces of equipment I’ve picked up in a long time.  You can find them here:

Stability and balance are key. Testing proves your feet matter to improve your golf game.

Have you ever tried an insole in your golf shoes and what did you think?







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