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‘It’s in the works’ – Sequel to Happy Gilmore is reportedly on the way

In what will come as a pleasant surprise for many Adam Sandler fans, “Happy Gilmore 2” is reportedly in the works.

The original, “Happy Gilmore” is a hilarious movie about a former hockey player who becomes a professional golfer to get his elderly grandmother’s house back from the IRS.

While appearing on the The Ken Carman Show, Christopher McDonald, who’s better known as “Shooter McGavin” from the movie, said the sequel is in the works.

“I saw Adam about two weeks ago and he said, McDonald, you’re gonna love this. I said, ‘What is it?’ He said, ‘How about that?’ and he hands me the first draft of Happy Gilmore 2.”

“He showed me that and I thought, ‘Wow, that would be awesome’. It’s in the works. Fans demand it. I was very, very pleased when I saw that.”

It’s unclear which other original cast members will be returning but as long as Sandler (Happy Gilmore) and McDonald are in the movie, it should be a hit.

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