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Koepka seemed to take a shot at DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau has been the talk of the golf world since he decided to put on 30 pounds of muscle and mass during quarantine so he could hit drives a billion yards and make every course he plays feel like a pitch and putt.

All of that hard work and protein shakes paid off last weekend when he won the Rocket Mortgage Classic while shattering Tiger Woods’ long-standing driving record.

DeChambeau is becoming the villain that the PGA Tour needs right now as his play and his personality and his insanely idiotic confrontation with a CBS cameraman last Saturday has him as the most polarizing player in the game.

It seems like Brooks Koepka, who has had some bad blood with DeChambeau in the past, took a shot at DeChambeau on Twitter on Tuesday with this Kenny Powers GIF:

Is that a shot at DeChambeau’s run-in with the cameraman? Is it Koepka lobbing a steroid accusation at DeChambeau? Whatever it is, the Twitter world has loved it. The PGA Tour can be Bland City so anything like this that pits two of the best players against each other both on, and off the course, definitely adds a little excitement.

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One thought on “Koepka seemed to take a shot at DeChambeau

  1. blank

    wow! Mr. Personality himself Brooksie taking a jab at BDC. Must be jealous. Maybe He and good ol’ DJ can go get ejumatacted.

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