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Making Connections – Social Networking Trends of Golf

You may have noticed an abundance of new online social networking tools to help golfers find each other, make connections, and get out to play together.  Each option is slightly different but they all have the same goal – to help you meet other like minded people.  Although you can play golf alone (which is a pretty cool thing that most other sports and games can’t say) it’s still more fun to have someone to play with!  Here’s why…

  • You can make new friends!  New to town or just looking to expand your network?  Find others in your area who are into the same hobbies as you – golf.
  • Make it a date.  When looking for your future spouse it’s always a good thing Social Networking Trends of Golfto have hobbies and interests alike.  Are you a golf enthusiast?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone willing to watch Sunday golf with you?  Or better yet, someone who loves that you golf too!
  • Networking = new business opportunities.  Are you looking for new clients?  Best way to establish a relationship with potential clients is finding common hobbies.  A lot of business is done on the golf course!
  • Lost a player?  You paid big bucks to play in a local charity tourney but your 4th just got sick.  Finding someone local who’s willing to pony up some change to come play couldn’t be easier with social golf networking.
  • Tired of asking your current Facebook (Twitter, Instagram… any fill-in-the-blank social site) community?  Golf specific social networking expands your reach!

Social Networking Trends of Golf

The list could go on but I think you get the point.  Now here’s something cool to consider…

Starting November 2nd SOCAL Golfer is relaunching our website and becoming an official SCGA member club.   Our members will have access to new golf social networking called The Link.  …BUT here’s why we’re different then what you’ve seen already out in the marketplace – we’re a true club.  Think traditional country club meets online.  The Link is your clubhouse and member directory.  You can get to know your fellow members who all have member advantages in common – access to exclusive SCGA member events, a USGA handicap, member appreciation events, exclusive private course outings, tee time deals, Southern California golf course directory and so much more.  We’re building a true community here in Southern California!  We live where the sun is always shining and golf is played year round.  Let’s do this!

We go live November 2nd – Join us now and get ready to get in the Golden State of Golf!

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