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How to Take a Golf Staycation

Travel is expensive.  Why go anywhere when you have a major tourist destination right in your backyard?  Save the costs of airfare and hospitality, stay in your own bed, and play some of the best golf in the country!

Here’s a 4 step “how to” guide for taking an easy golf staycation in Southern California:

How to Take a Golf Staycation

1. Pick a non-holiday related week and schedule your time off from work – three days, four days, or the whole week.  Non-holiday related weeks will keep the golf course a little less busy and the tee times less expensive.  Also try and plan to take some of that time off during the week so you can take advantage of weekday tee time discounts.

2. Set your plans by picking a handful of golf courses you’ve always wanted to play in the region.  Southern California is not gigantic so you can easily play at least one round in each of the four regions (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties).  You didn’t spend money on a plane ticket so splurge and play even the more pricey public courses.

How to Take a Golf Staycation

3. Pre-schedule your tee times.  Feeling a little adventurous?  Try and schedule a day to play two or three rounds in one day.  The days may be a bit shorter but the sunsets are spectacular in the fall and winter here.  Play until the sun goes down.

4. Bring your camera and share your photos!

People pay big bucks to travel here and golf… and you lucky dog already live here!  So take some time off from work and go enjoy your golf!

How to Take a Golf Staycation

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