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REVIEW: Swing Coach Club


Golf training aids can come in all different shapes and sizes, and it seems there’s something new popping up that’s aimed to improve every single nuance of the golf swing.  With that being said, there are two very different types of golf training aids:  those that claim they can help you and those that actually do.  The Swing Coach Club is most definitely the latter of those two.  This innovative training aid, endorsed by Dean Reinmuth, teaches you how to find and deliver your own natural swing which shifts the focus from performing to learning a repeatable golf swing.


Ease of Use & Setup

The Swing Coach Club is one of the most straight forward training aids on the market today.  Included with your Swing Coach Club is a Swing Acceleration Marker (SAM), which you simply set on the ground in front of you.  After you’ve set the SAM, load up your regulation sized golf ball into the club and get to swinging!  Within just 15 minutes of using the Swing Coach Club you have an idea of what you need to work on most with your swing.  It’s incredible that you get nearly instant feedback from the Swing Coach Club.



After a quick training session with the Swing Coach Club, I’ve come to find out it can impact your swing in three different ways:

  1. Swing Tempo: Shows you the proper rhythm and swing timing while giving you instant feedback.
  2. Swing Arc: Teaches you to develop a wider, rounder-shaped swing.
  3. Swing Acceleration: Utilizing the SAM you can learn the feeling of a smooth and gradual acceleration.


Longevity and Value

The great thing about the Swing Coach Club is that it can absolutely live in your golf bag.  Whether you’re out on the range for an hour practicing on your swing, or you need to quickly warm up before a round of golf, the Swing Coach Club makes it incredibly easy to take with you.

Also included with the Swing Coach Club comes a pack of 6 Sci-Core practice golf balls.  These golf balls are the heaviest on the market, coming in at 20.5 grams each.  The heavier weight allows for a more realistic feel which is fantastic because these Sci-Core golf balls are designed for not only outdoor use, but indoors as well.



Finding your natural swing is one of the most crucial parts of any golf game.  The Swing Coach Club makes it easy to use at home or on the range, and is easily one of the most innovative and unique training aids on the market today.  If you want to put in the time to find what your natural golf swing should feel and look like, the Swing Coach can be a very useful tool for you.


For more information on the Swing Coach Club click here!

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