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Say It Isn’t So Phil!

Lefty, the people’s champ, the golfer that all Southern Californians proudly root for has officially been named in a federal lawsuit involving insider trading.  GASP!!

Multiple sources are coming out with the news and as much as we don’t want to believe it and as much as we’ve tried to ignore the writing on the wall, it’s finally been confirmed.  What we know so far is that he’s agreed to cooperate which may help him avoid criminal charges and subsequent time in the clink.  …but does that mean he’s admitting guilt?  Does that mean that he is in fact guilty of insider trading?  Does that mean he has basically gotten away from something we’ve seen other big names do time for (Martha Stewart *cough cough*)?

Here’s what his team says – “Phil has not been charged with insider trading,” Gregory B. Craig and Pat Swan, attorneys for Mickelson, said in a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports. “Phil was an innocent bystander to alleged wrongdoing by others that he was unaware of. Phil is innocent of any wrongdoing.”

We shall see… and until then, we’ll stay optimistic that our champ can move on and as we near June have yet another go at finally clinching the coveted US Open title.


Phil Mickelson federal lawsuit



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