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Southern California Tourist Season and How to Still Get Your Tee Time

Is there truly a tourist season here?  …as far as I’m concerned it’s basically year-round, but truth be told when school gets out it’s a safe bet that people from around the country are going on vacation and many head our way to sunny Southern California with golf clubs in tow.

So as we are fast approaching the summer months we want to make sure you can still get your tee times at your favorite courses in our region (especially the more tourist destination courses).


❶ Call your favorite course and ask what they anticipate for a busy season during summer months.  Be sure to ask them how far in advance they take tee time reservations.  Many courses allow a 7 day timeline and although you might not know exactly your plans 7 days in advance at least you can book and cancel in a reasonable time.


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❷ Resident rates are a real thing and sometimes can include preferred times as well… as I hope you already know.  If you don’t, here’s your heads up!  Golf courses as far north as Ventura, south as the border, and east as the desert there are such things as resident rates and resident times both for Southern California as a whole and the particular city in which the course is located.  Each golf course has different guidelines but they’re happy to tell you so don’t hesitate to ask.  Not all courses have the special rates and saved tee time slots but it’s worth asking.

❸ Twilight rounds for a simple 9 holes can be the absolute best time of the day to hit the golf course.  Why?  Sunsets for days!


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❹ Get the course basically to yourself just right before Twilight times. Why?  Well… if people are scrambling for those Twilight times due to reduced rates then the time slots just prior should be wide open.  You’ll still get your sunset.

❺ Official member outings are a guaranteed golfing experience at top courses and there are plenty to play during the summer months.  As an SCGA member you have access to their full calendar of outings.  Pelican Hill anyone??


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Anyone have any other advice to help our local SOCAL Golfers out?



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