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Strike your wedges more crisp

Here is a great way to improve the quality of your strike on half shots and strike your wedges more crisp and consistently.

How to set up this drill:

Tee the ball up at least as high as you would for your driver. Address the ball with your wedge. Check the bottom of the ball is about level with the top edge of the wedge.

Scooper Pooper:

The enemy to a pure strike is an upward attack angle, which can lead to heavy or thin contact. Upward scooping or flicking is most likely to see the wedge’s top edge catch the ball.

Drop the ball:

Hit the chip – but your target is not the ball, it is the bottom of the tee. A crisp downward attack will see you whip the peg away from under the ball, leaving the ball simply to drop onto the turf.


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