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The 3 Easiest Golf Fitness Tips to Improve Your Swing

The golf fitness craze is on trend and if you haven’t started to focus on your body, health, and strength as it relates to golf you are holding yourself back from improving your swing and overall game.  If you don’t have time for the gym, a workout class, or any actual workout gear at home have no fret.  We’ve compiled a short list of the easiest golf fitness tips and exercises to get your swing the strongest it has ever been no matter your age or gender!

TIP:  CORE Strength

  • Your core is the lifeline of your swing and yet so many golfers overlook this major muscle group as it relates to golf.  Strong core = strong swing.  Strong core = more distance.  First focus is on your abs.  You don’t need a six-pack to have a strong core but you may find after mastering this tip you’ll be well on your way!
  • Easy fitness tip – Plank strengthening exercise.  To do a basic plank exercise it’s actually very simple.  Find some floor space and drop down to your stomach.  Get into a modified push-up position but keep your elbows on the ground bent at 90 degrees so both forearms are resting on the floor.  Make sure your elbows are right beneath your shoulders and once up on your toes look straight down and squeeze your abs.  Also make sure your butt isn’t in the air above your body.  You’re trying to create a perfect table top body position from toes to elbows.  Start with a short time like 5-10 seconds and break in between.  Do sets and work on getting up to being able to hold that position for 1 minute between breaks.


TIP:  GLUTE Strength

  • Your glute (aka butt) is one of the strongest muscles in your body and without strength in this region you won’t be able to maximize a solid swing.
  • Easy fitness tip – Floor hip thrusts exercise.  All you’ll need again is floor space.  Lie down on the ground on your back, bend your knees and keep feet flat on the floor, and stretch your arms out like a bird for balance.  Squeeze your glutes and thrust upward.  You can modify this exercise a few ways to maximize results.  You can point toes on floor, point toes to the sky (heels down only), and do hold/squeezes for extended time.


TIP:  QUAD Strength

  • Working our way downward your quads are yet another major muscle set that can help build a strong golf swing.  Balance, consistency, strength.
  • Easy fitness tip – Plain ol’ squats.  We’ve all done them and we’ve all done the various different squat forms.  Just get squatting.  The most common is a standard squat.   Grab some floor space and get working!  Begin by ensuring your legs are shoulder width apart.  Your back should always remain straight with a neutral spine and your chest will hold your shoulders up.  Find a focal point to look at straight ahead on the wall.  As you squat down squeeze your quad muscles and keep your knees behind your toes.   When you are ready to progress you can do standard lunges or squats with your legs together.  Variety keeps you going!


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