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So… OJ is Already Back Golfing?!

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Well that didn’t take long!  OJ Simpson was released from prison and on his first day free from behind bars what does he do?  He practices his putting.  I get it, the first thing to go when you haven’t played in a long while is your short game but this just creeps me out a little.  …and just like many retirees he’s dreaming of heading south to Florida to set up residency… and presumably golf.

I remember being a kid and everyone being glued to the TV to watch his infamous white Bronco chase and then numerous times throughout the last decade plus.  I guess I always just assumed he would be behind bars for his term and once out he’d disappear.  Nope.  He’s set up a nice little backyard putting area and has already began his quest to get back into the game.

See for yourself!



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8 thoughts on “So… OJ is Already Back Golfing?!

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    Please don’t politicize golf; O.J. is a convicted criminal.

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    Who gives a rats behind about o.j?

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    I have an idea. How about we all just get on with our lives and not spend another second on O.J.?

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    the guy likes to play golf, so what. He was an avid golfer before he was sent to prison, so why would he not go back to game he loves. If this creeps you out, you have a problem

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    So what! Move on. Do you have nothing better to write about?

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    he is a creep, do not e-mail me anything concerning o.j.the killer

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    murderer, do not e-mail anything about 0.j. the creep

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