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The dreaded Y**ps… 9 Steps to Breaking the Bad Luck

Don’t say the “Y” word out loud.  It’s BAD luck!  For those of you that already are experiencing them it’s time we break that bad cycle and get you back to your old game.  Whether it’s a physical issue or a mental issue here are my quick steps to help alleviate those nasty y**ps!

Tips to Beat the Yips

Step 1 – Admit you have a problem.  Say it out loud, “I have the y**ps.”  Own it because frankly everyone else around you that you normally golf with has already accepted it.  Trust me, when they see you flubbing every chip, missing three foot putts, shanking your drives on the regular, and you were once a fairly good golfer, it’s time to just accept it yourself.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

Step 2 – Believe that one day you too will be back to what was once your good golf.  Don’t leave yourself short and remember your glory days.  I don’t care if you’re a 2 handicap or a 20 handicap, there is a level of play that you had grown accustomed to and this current showing is definitely not it.

Step 3 – Make the decision that today is the day that you are going to kick the y**ps to the curb.  …not Monday, not the first of the month, but today.

tips to beating the golf yips

Step 4 – Whether on paper or just mentally take a quick inventory of where the y**ps is cursing your game.  Is it your short game, is it your fairway game, or is it your whole game head-to-toe?

Step 5 – Find a quiet moment alone whether it be in your car or while walking from your cart to your ball and say out loud to the Golf Gods, “I’m ready to get my game back.” Commit to the process because here we go…

Step 6 – Determine a pre-shot routine for each part of your game.  How do you approach the ball?  What will be going on in your mind?  What are the last words you will say to yourself before hitting the ball?  Commit to that pre-shot routine whatever it is and make it a habit.

tips to beating the golf yips

Step 7 – Set your goals to realistic expectations such as dropping your putt count by 3 this week or hitting the fairway from the tee 5 times each round. Gradually increase your goals.

Step 8 – Practice, practice, practice.

…and if you are still struggling…

Step 9 – Make an appointment for lessons with the local pro and get back to basic mechanics.

You got this!

tips to beating the golf yips

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