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The Masters 2018… Is This the Best Yet to Come?

Jim Nantz, who has been the voice of The Masters for over three decades, was recently quoted as saying this is the most anticipated Masters of his lengthy career… if not ever.  I don’t disagree.

Tiger back and firing on (almost) all cylinders.

Today’s young greats playing with exceptional precision.

A two time winner coming off of a hot match-play win.

The people’s champ getting a win recently for the first time in five years.

Could you ask for more???

Every year the Masters is a special weekend that has us all glued to our televisions but with Tiger’s return, triumphant return at that, the ratings and viewership will undoubtedly surge.  We will all hold our breath in anticipation of what could be.  You can’t argue what he does for the game and what an amazing golfer he is and has been.

Here’s to one of the best weeks of the year… let’s do this!

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