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6 Master Tips for More Confidence on the Golf Course like a PGA Professional

Rickie Fowler, a favorite of ours, was recently quoted after Sunday as saying he’s ready to win a Major tournament.  We couldn’t agree more!  Confidence is a big part of performance and we have a few tips to help boost your self esteem while out playing a game you love… as provided by some of our other favorite PGA Professionals.

TIP 1:  Channel your inner Jordan Spieth.  How you ask?  Take his approach to his Sunday Master’s epic round… he never once looked at the scoreboard.  He literally went out there and focused on playing his best round.  He didn’t allow anyone or anything to get in his head or in his way.

TIP 2:  Clear the mechanism like none other than Tiger Woods… old school Tiger.  He was the master at removing all nerves.  Whether you meditate, take calming breaths, imagine yourself solo on the course, or whatever tactic suits you best learn to eliminate your nerves.  An easy one is to simply close your eyes and feel your feet on the ground and feel every breath.  Calm your heart.

TIP 3:  Eliminate fear.  Know your shot and take it… you may wind up with a Masters Sunday hole-in-one like one of our faves, Charley Hoffman.  Be confident in your swing.  Be confident in your aim.  Be confident in your shot.

TIP 4:  If you’re going to miss, own it.  Roy McAvoy was the ultimate in this tip but our dearest Sergio Garcia might have taken the cake here.  Sergio took a 13 on a hole.  A freakin’ 13!  He managed to keep his cool and remain a gentleman through the whole rest of the weekend.  He’s a Masters champion.  Period.  Always remember you are good.  You are good enough.  Everyone has a bad day or a bad hole.

TIP 5:  Technically not as good does not mean technically does not have a shot.  Take low amateur Doug Ghim for example.  This kid had the opportunity of a lifetime to play in the Masters this year.  He remained focused and ended up scoring lower than many amazing golfers!

TIP 6:  If you must fall down… get back up.  Tony Finau.  Enough said.  He literally popped his ankle out of socket, popped it back in, got up and managed to finish in the top 10.

You got this.  Channel your inner PGA Professional and keep confident!

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