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These 2 stretches will add flexibility to your swing and reduce risk of injury

Added power can be an awesome thing — good luck finding a golfer who doesn’t love hitting bombs. But strength training that isn’t paired with flexibility training is a recipe for wayward shots and greater risk of injury.

Fitness experts for pros and average golfers always — always — emphasize flexibility to create the dynamic control needed to harness extra oomph and avoid ouches. That’s how you keep both your shots and your body on the right path.


1. Open book

Lie on your side with a yoga block between your inner thighs. Place your palms together in front of you. Now reach up and behind you with the top arm all the way to the floor on the other side, following the movement with your eyes. Return to the start position. More speed requires more turn. This thoracic-spine flexibility drill will help create that turn — while also controlling that newfound speed.


2. Hip circles with slider

Get into a pushup position — remember, hands under shoulders. Bring one leg up toward the chest, out to the side and then around, back to the starting position. (A coaster can help the foot glide on the ground.) Make sure to engage the core and keep it tight through the exercise. This move increases hip mobility, which makes it easier to load into your right side and unload onto your left side.

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