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Think You Know Golf Stats? ANSWERS

Okay, so you were a good golfer and didn’t use Google or cheat in any way to come up with your answers.

How’d you fair?

Question 1:  Who are the top five money leaders so far this year – in order of most earned to least earned?  (2 pts)

Answer:  Jordan Spieth ($10.4 mm), Jason Day ($6.06 mm), Bubba Watson ($5.75 mm), Dustin Johnson ($4.7 mm), and Justin Rose ($4.6 mm)

Question 2:  Rounding to the nearest million, how much has Rickie Fowler earned so far this year  (2 pts)

Answer:  $3.75 mm so we’ll round that up and call it a cool $4 mm

Think you know golf stats

Question 3:  There are three players tied for second in most cuts made this year.  Who are they?  (2 pts)

Answer:  Robert Streb, Matt Kuchar, and Billy Horschel all with 21 respectively

Question 4:  How many cuts has SOCAL Golfer resident Charley Hoffman made this year?  (2 pts)

Answer:  17

Question 5:  How many players average over 300 yards per drive this year?  (2 pts)

Answer:  25

Question 6:  A relatively new face to golf media, what is Tony Finau’s average drive distance?  (2 pts)

Answer:  308.9 yards on average

Question 7:  We all know Jordan Spieth is the most accurate putter in golf this year.  Two guys are tied for second behind him.  Who are they?  (2 pts)

Answer:  Jason Day and Dustin Johnson

Think you know golf stats

Question 8:  Who is the most accurate driver on tour this year?  (2 pts)

Answer:  Francesco Molinari

Think you know golf stats

Question 9:  What is Jordan Spieth’s ranking position of most accurate driver stats in 2015?  (2 pts)

Answer:  Tied for 53rd

Bonus question:  How old is Jason Dufner?  (4 pts)

Answer:  38

Think you know golf stats


Okay… anyone get them all right?  What was the top score??


*Click here for our stats source.

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