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Think You Know Golf Stats? Test Your Knowledge!

I played a round of golf this last weekend solo and found myself sitting up at the clubhouse bar afterwards listening to a bunch of yahoos rambling on and trying to impress their skills to one another about the players on the PGA Tour.  I couldn’t help myself but jump in and throw out a few “Google Challenges” on them simply because their stats sounded WAY off.

…a “Google Challenge” by the way is like throwing a yellow card out and calling b.s. on a fact someone shares.  It’s easy enough these days to pull out your phone to fact check right on the spot.  No, Bubba Watson doesn’t have the longest average drive on tour.  No, Jordan Spieth isn’t leading the total of cuts made in 2015.  Think you know golf stats

So here it is!  A simple PGA Tour 2015 golf stats quiz.  …and remember.  This is golf, so no cheating!

Question 1:  Who are the top five money leaders so far this year – in order of most earned to least earned?  (2 pts)

Question 2:  Rounding to the nearest million, how much has Rickie Fowler earned so far this year  (2 pts)

Question 3:  There are three players tied for second in most cuts made this year.  Who are they?  (2 pts)

Question 4:  How many cuts has SOCAL Golfer resident Charley Hoffman made this year?  (2 pts)

Think you know golf stats

Question 5:  How many players average over 300 yards per drive this year?  (2 pts)

Question 6:  A relatively new face to golf media, what is Tony Finau’s average drive distance?  (2 pts)

Think you know golf stats

Question 7:  We all know Jordan Spieth is the most accurate putter in golf this year.  Two guys are tied for second behind him.  Who are they?  (2 pts)

Question 8:  Who is the most accurate driver on tour this year?  (2 pts)

Question 9:  What is Jordan Spieth’s ranking position of most accurate driver stats in 2015?  (2 pts)

Bonus question:  How old is Jason Dufner?  (4 pts)

Think you know golf stats


Check back tomorrow for answers and see how you did!  Remember, NO CHEATING!  This is golf!  Honesty is one of the virtues of our beloved game!

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