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Try this ‘pump’ drill to dial up the speed with your driver

Here’s a quick and simple drill to help improve your downswing, add speed and prevent casting — all at once.

Grab your driver and flip it upside down. Next, get into a position with your lead arm and the clubshaft forming a near 90-degree angle. “Pinch” your trail elbow against your rib cage as shown and rotate your hips open to the target (like I’m doing here). Now, go back to address and swing the club to the top. From there, do a few pump fakes to the position I’ve just described. With each pump, you’ll train your body to initiate the downswing and lessen your tendency to cast the club with your hands.

Holding your driver by the hosel, “pump” the club up and down from the top to the position you see here.

After a few pump fakes, quickly swing the club down and through. Do it fast enough so that you create a whoosh sound at the bottom of your swing. This ramps up your clubhead speed and adds yards in a hurry.

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