Two Inches Shy... Almost an Ace!
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Two Inches Shy… Almost an Ace!

Yesterday afternoon once the work day was complete we hit the closest course for a quick 9-holes to wrap up the day.  On the first par 3 to come our way I landed my ball two inches shy of the cup.  For a fleeting moment I thought for sure this would be my first hole-in-one.  While it was in the air I knew it was perfectly on target.  I knew the distance was on point.  My swing just felt right.  I held my follow through knowing this could be the exact moment I finally could claim the elusive ace.  As the ball hit the green it bounced oh so softly with little roll.  I held my breath and my muscles instinctively tightened.  …and then it stopped.  UGH!  I was so so so close.


Two Inches Shy... Almost an Ace!
How happy and yet how mad would you be if your ball was just this close to your first hole-in-one?


The only other time I’ve been remotely close was during a charity tournament at the Del Mar Country Club in which a brand new Jaguar was up for grabs for a $1 bet.  I handed over my dollar and again had what felt like a perfect swing.  My ball stopped just shy to the right three inches.  Everyone was hoping it would go in as much as I was because I’m sure none of us had witnessed someone win a car in a charity tourney.

I’ll still chase the dream!  Every par 3 is a chance!

…what’s the closest you’ve been?  Was it a perfect shot or was it a perfect miss sculling off the fairway with a lucky bounce?


Two Inches Shy... Almost an Ace!
I’d call this good!



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