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Upgrade and Simplify Your Preshot Routine

Golf is as much mental as it is physical.  When was the last time you really thought about your preshot routine?  Is it solid or does it seem a bit scattered with each shot?  Or… is it too technical?  The best golfers in the world have a set meaningful order to how they approach each shot.

Here are some simple tips to upgrade and simplify your pre-shot routine:

Step 1:
Stand behind your ball and visualize your shot.  Create a clear picture in your mind of where you want the ball to land, roll, and stop.

Step 2: 
After finding your line look down at your ball and find something small in front of your ball in that target line, like a leaf or speck of brighter colored grass.  Aim small, miss small.

Step 3:
Return to where you would stand to address the ball but two feet behind.  Take two practice swings.  No more, no less.  Feel your rhythm from your head, to your shoulders, to your hands, to your knees, to your feet.

Step 4:
Address the ball while remaining loose.  Feel the ground beneath your feet.

Step 5: 
Look up the fairway to your target and back down to your small target in front of the ball.

Step 6: 
Release any technical swing thoughts from your mind and again feel the ground beneath your feet.

Step 7: 
Swing away.

After trying this from the tee box continue to try with every single shot you take.  Once you adopt the right pre-shot routine for you it should flow through your entire game.  Every drive, chip, and putt.

What other tips do you have or have you adopted in your pre-shot routine that could help others simplify theirs?

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    Wow! What a nice Tips. hope golfers read this article. I like the Idea. Me, I always believe that Practice makes perfect and follow some tips. like this tips. thanks for this tips.

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