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Alignment Direction – Tips to Get You on the Right Path

Sometimes we need to get back to basics and reset.  If you want your best golf then you need to dial in every aspect of your game and alignment seems to be one of the biggest struggles for average golfers.  Why?  Because many of us overthink this simple little step.  We think to ourselves to simply aim at the hole but in reality we are way amiss.  Put simply… if you’re off by even one degree you can miss by 10-15 yards right or left of your target.

Let’s break it down with these easy tips to get your alignment on the right path.

Warming Up:  Time to breakout those alignment sticks!  If you don’t have any, there aren’t any on the range, or you don’t want to pony up some cash to pick some up then grab two clubs out of your bag. Easy peasy!  Most righties aim too far right and similarly most lefties aim way too far left.  It’s all in the eyes and connecting that to your swing path.  Line up those clubs (or alignment sticks) to create a little landing strip on the ground aimed at one of the flags or baskets 100-150 yards away. Your ball should be in your landing strip and your toes should be touching the lower (closest to you) rod.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes:  Like the song goes you have to get in your head proper alignment of your head, shoulders, knees, and toes.  So often do golfers think they have everything lined up properly but their shoulders may be tilted too far left or their knees are too far open.  Believe it or not, many golfers even think their toes are facing the ball but they’re just off of center which gets alignment headed in the wrong direction.  Get square to the ball.  Feel the square and if you can’t feel it then put a club across your chest and cross your arms across your chest.  Feel the square towards the ball.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More:  Just like you practice putting or bunker shots, you need to practice your alignment techniques.  It’s a feeling.  It’s muscle memory.  It needs to be perfected so you can repeat it over and over just like your pre shot routine like we discussed with our last tips.

Ultimately… you have to make this a habit.  Go get em’!

2 thoughts on “Alignment Direction – Tips to Get You on the Right Path

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    Thank you. Great tips. Will share with ladies in my club.

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    When you are on a golf course ,you can’t use alignemnt rods .Just take a combination of JACK NICKLAUS /BEN HOGAN methods .
    JACK NICKLAUS :aim the club head at a mark one foot or so in front of the ball in the direction you want the ball to go.
    BEN HOGAN :find a point in the distance (Tree limb ,church staple ,tree ,house chimney ..) where you want the flight to go .
    Then determine where you want the ball to land on the fairway :very ,very important :it has to be a flat piece of land to avoid bad bounces

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