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What To Do If You Entered The Wrong Score or Information Into GHIN?

Like a good golfer you finish your round and immediately pull out your phone to enter your score into the GHIN system.  After hitting “Post Score” you realize itt wasn’t the blue tees, it was the whites.  Oh crap!  It wasn’t April 1st it was actually the 2nd.  What was I thinking?

Well, although it might sound like no big deal it actually is important to have precise information in GHIN.  In order to keep the integrity of not only the sport but you as a person you’ll want to ensure your posted scores are accurate so that it generates a proper Handicap Index.

Being on it, you go back to the “Post a Score” page but there is nowhere to edit scores.  Help!!

Handicap Question - I Accidentally Entered Wrong Information. How Can I Get That Changed?

As a part of our club responsibilities we are here to edit any of your past scores for you.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be all set:

  1. Send an email to:  [email protected]
  2. Let us know what scores need editing by providing as much information as possible – date, score, location, tees.
  3. Give us the updated information so we can make the proper adjustments

That easy!  Happy golfing!

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6 thoughts on “What To Do If You Entered The Wrong Score or Information Into GHIN?

  1. blank

    Posted 2 scores should be 1

    1. blank

      how do you delete a score

  2. blank

    Posted wrong score on 6/21/18 front nine black 34 should have been 40

  3. blank

    Posted a wrong score and wrong date and wrong course! 7/13/18 Los Verdes GC. I did not play Los Verdes on that day! Please delete this score!!!

    I meant to post a score of 75 at Rio Hondo GC, Downey, California on 7/10/18! I played from the white tees!

    Thank you very much!!!

  4. blank

    Please delete my 8-29-18 entry. The information was not correct. It should read — 8-29-18 Glen Annie golf club , Santa Bárbara , men’s combo green/white, score , 98 .Thank-you.

  5. blank

    How do you change courses played to line up with the right tees on GHIN if it doesn’t show it in recent or favorite?

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